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Bonorong Wildlife Rescue Training – DEVONPORT – 7 December 2019

December 7, 2019 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Help Tasmania’s wildlife in your spare time – become a Wildlife Rescuer today!

Did you know Bonorong operates Tasmania’s largest 24-hour wildlife rescue service? This program provides safety and care to thousands of animals every year – and we need your help.

We operate with the assistance of trained community rescuers and the devotion of hundreds of wildlife carers, all of whom donate considerable time, money and energy to helping wildlife in need.

If you’re interested in being a Wildlife Rescuer in your spare time, then you’re invited to our free Wildlife Rescuer Training.

There is absolutely no obligation to sign up to our rescue service afterwards, and you’ll come away with skills that you can use in the event of a wildlife emergency.

This is also the first step if you’re interested in learning about becoming a wildlife carer, transporter – or more.

What will I learn?

You’ll learn the basics of wildlife rescue, including:

  • How to safely handle injured animals
  • How to check a pouch for babies
  • How to identify the most common animals you’ll come across
  • How to create your own rescue kit to keep in the car
  • and more.

The sessions run for approximately 6 hours and are absolutely free.

Children are welcome but please be aware we do cover some sensitive topics including euthanasia. Young children do make pretty perfect helpers in many situations, so don’t be deterred!

Please note: this program does not involve the raising of wildlife. However, we can advise of upcoming training for those interested in becoming a wildlife carer. (Please note – Bonorong does not run wildlife carer training).

What do I need to bring?

Great question! You should bring:

  • A notepad
  • A pen
  • Warm clothes (if it’s a chilly day or any time in winter!)
  • Something to drink and eat for lunch and afternoon tea

Where is the training held?

Please check the location on the event you are looking at. We hold these events across the state, so you’ll want to find the one closest to you!

What’s involved in being a wildlife rescuer?

As a Wildlife Rescuer, you’ll be put on our database to receive WhatsApp messages when an animal needs help in your area.

If you’re available – great! Respond to us so we can coordinate the rescue.

If you’re not available – no worries. Just ignore the message.

What do I need to be a Wildlife Rescuer?

You’ll need:

  • A mobile number which has WhatsApp installed
  • A valid drivers licence and reliable car

If you don’t have either of the above – please do feel free to attend the training regardless, as you’ll still learn plenty!

What’s the cost of being a member?

There is no charge for the training, or to be a rescuer.

As a rescuer you’ll also have access to information, updates, events and opportunities occurring at Bonorong, which is pretty cool.

Do I need to book?

Yes! Please be sure to book using this page as we have limited spots – if you need to cancel at any time, please do so via the event page so we can advise the people on our waitlist.

Additional euthanasia training

After the main session we will be having an optional, 30 minute euthanasia training session. This will be a “frank” discussion that aims to explain and teach the legal methods to perform euthanasia in urgent welfare situations.

While we always do our upmost to rehabilitate and release the wildlife that comes through our rescue service, the unfortunate truth is that sometimes the kindest, and only, option is for an animal to be euthanised.

Access to out of hours veterinary services can be difficult so any extra help is a huge benefit to animals that may currently be suffering unnecessarily. Performing euthanasia in the correct way is essential, so at this training session you will learn:

  • How the decision for euthanasia is made
  • Methods of euthanasia
  • The difference between various species
  • What to expect
  • Some of the challenges (and how to deal with them).

Any help is valuable!

If you are worried about not being able to help in all situations, don’t be! If you can help with only one case, that is still of huge value. Some rescuers are able to euthanise small animals but not large ones, whilst others have gathered equipment or have access to firearms and the appropriate licences so may have more ability to help.  Either way, the ability to help even occasionally is very valuable.

Is the training suitable for children?

It is ultimately your decision whether you choose to bring children to this session, however it will be a very frank conversation that may not be appropriate for all children, as we feel it is important to discuss in detail how the various procedures work to ensure that anyone performing euthanasia is fully equipped and prepared.

The discussion will last roughly 30 minutes, from 4:30pm to 5pm, with further conversation and support available via a phone meeting if needed.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you have completed the training you will have the option of receiving a text message when an animal needs urgent euthanasia in your region. Just like the rescue messages, you can choose to answer or ignore these messages. If you are unable to do the rescue but would still like to help with the euthanasia we can also try and arrange for the animal to be transported to you.
Again, we stress that you will be under no obligation, ever, to euthanise an animal in distress, but will have the option of responding to help if you’re comfortable with it.

What can I do right now?

Save our number in your phone so you know who to call if you find injured wildlife! 0447 264 625 (0447 ANIMAL)




We look forward to seeing you soon!

Cheers from Greg, Petra and all the furry critters at Bonorong.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to Devonport City Council for sponsoring this event by providing the venue! Devonport City Council Logo


December 7, 2019
11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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East Devonport Recreation and Function Centre
Community Room, 67 Caroline Street
East Devonport, TAS 7310 Australia