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Welcome to The Devonport City Guide

The Devonport City Guide is the unofficial tourist information hub for the City of Devonport.  Devonport is an exciting and vibrant city that acts as the main tourism and food hub for the North-West Coast of Tasmania. If you are looking for the latest events, best places to eat or wanting to keep updated with what’s happening in Devonport we can help.

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Find out the best places to get somthign to eat and drink

What's Happening in Devonport:

Devonport is going through major developments that have made the city a hub for corporate, cultural and community events.

Devonport is a small coastal city with a population of over 25,000 people in Tasmania that is divided by the Mersey River. The city is home to the Spirit of Tasmania and is currently going under a massive urban development project called the Living City Project.